Tom Brady gets caught on video FaceTiming with Titans coach Mike Vrabel, fueling free agency speculation

There are still two weeks to go until the start of free agency in the NFL, which means for the next 14 days, you’re going to be hearing a lot about Tom Brady. 

If Brady shows up at a college basketball game, you’re going to hear about it. If Brady sends out a cryptic tweet (which he seems to do every other week), you’re going to hear about it. Oh, and if Brady gets caught FaceTiming with the head coach of an NFL team that’s NOT the Patriots, you’re definitely going to hear about it, and that’s exactly what happened over the weekend when someone caught Brady chatting with Titans coach Mike Vrabel on FaceTime. 

Brady was at the UNC-Syracuse game with Julian Edelman on Saturday, and at some point, the two ended up in a conversation with Vrabel, which is a highly interesting for three big reasons: Brady is about to be a free agent for the first time in his career, Brady used to be teammates with Vrabel and the Titans are widely viewed as one of Brady’s most likely landing spots. 

Let’s check in on the conversation. 

I have to say, this conversation raises about 5,000 questions, but since I don’t want to list all 5,000 questions and you surely don’t want to read all 5,000 questions, I’ll just list a few of them: Did Vrabel call them or did they call Vrabel? Is this tampering? Are they using Edelman’s phone or did Brady let Edelman hold his phone for the conversation so no one would jump to any conclusions? How often does Brady talk to Vrabel? What did they even talk about? And if it’s Edelman’s phone, why did he let Brady and Vrabel talk? (Edelman was practically begging Brady to stay in New England during the Syracuse game, so you’d think he would have just hit the ignore button when Vrabel called, so he didn’t have to deal with any competition for Brady’s services). 


Tom Brady was intently listening to Mike Vrabel during Saturday’s FaceTime session. 

Also, most importantly: HOW DID THEY HEAR what Vrabel was saying? I can’t hear someone during a normal phone conversation at a live sporting event, let alone a FaceTime session. 

When it comes down to it, the fact of the matter is that it’s very interesting that this conversation even happened. I mean, Brady was in public, so he had to know that someone might see him talking to Vrabel, which is exactly what happened. 

If you’re Vrabel, why risk being called out for tampering by holding a conversation with the most famous free agent in NFL history before you’re allowed to. 

The fact that Vrabel and Brady are friends — the two spent eight seasons in New England together and won three Super Bowls — definitely adds a twist to the situation. There’s a difference between tampering and calling your friend to say hi, which is apparently what Vrabel was doing. The Titans coach knows this is a weird situation, and he pointed that out during a recent interview with ESPN. 

“I would say it’s just a unique situation, having played with Tom and having a relationship with Tom and his family,” Vrabel said. “[My son] Carter texted me [about social media rumors] and said, ‘Is Gisele at MBA [Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville]’ and I’m like, ‘No, Gisele is not at MBA.’ She wasn’t. I just think it’s unique that a head coach played with a quarterback that has an expiring contract that’s been in New England for 20 years.”

The relationship between Brady and Vrabel has many people feeling that the Patriots quarterback could very well end up in Tennessee. Patriots beat writer Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston believes the race is already down to two teams (Patriots and Titans) with only the 49ers having an outside shot.

So where will Brady end up? We’re likely going to have to play two more weeks of guessing games before we find out. 

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