Tom Brady sounds baffled by the Texans decision to fire Bill O’Brien just four weeks into the season

When Bill O’Brien got fired by the Houston Texans on Monday, he became just the third coach in the past 10 years to get fired before Week 5. A lot of people were surprised by Houston’s decision to dump O’Brien so early in the season, including Tom Brady, who seemed baffled by the move when he was asked about it earlier this week. 

During an interview with Jim Gray on Westwood One, Brady said the move by the Texans just didn’t “make a lot of sense.”

“It’s always tough when you see that happen, especially four games into the year,” Brady said of O’Brien’s firing. “Four weeks ago, everyone was so hopeful about what the season could become. You hate to see things transpire as they do and to lose a coach four games into the season, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.”

If you’re wondering why Brady was even asked about the firing, it’s because the Buccaneers quarterback has a history with O’Brien. During Brady’s 20 years in New England, O’Brien served on the Patriots coaching staff for a total of five seasons, starting in 2007 when he was hired to be an offensive assistant. In 2009, O’Brien was promoted to quarterbacks coach and that’s when he began to form a much closer relationship with Brady. After two years as a QB coach, O’Brien was promoted again in 2011 — this time to offensive coordinator — and that was a big season for the Patriots, who made it to the Super Bowl. After the 2011 season, O’Brien ended up leaving the Patriots to take the head coaching job at Penn State in 2012.   

If O’Brien needs any references for his next job, it sounds like Brady would be more than willing to be one of them. 

“I’ve known Billy a long time and I think he is a hell of a coach,” Brady said. “I think he does a great job, he has great leadership ability and it’s a very difficult part of the profession and I’ve thought he’s done a great job in Houston over the years. Those guys really seemed to love playing for him.”

The firing of O’Brien caught most of the NFL world off guard, if only because of the peculiar timing. O’Brien now joins Joe Philbin (Dolphins in 2015) and Dennis Allen (Raiders in 2014) as the only coaches in the past decade to lose their job before Week 5. 

The reason the move was surprising is because we’re not even five weeks into the season. Not only was O’Brien just promoted to general manager back in January, but he’s also made the playoffs in each of the past two years, which made it seem like the Texans would likely stick with him through at least one bad season. 

On the other hand, this move wasn’t surprising at all because O’Brien absolutely torpedoed the roster by making bad move after bad move. If you want to read about all the blunders O’Brien made during his time in Houston, former NFL agent Joel Corry put together a comprehensive list of the former coach’s mistakes and you can check those out by clicking here

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