Tony Hawk takes trick requests, shreds on a halfpipe during COVID-19 quarantine

Tony Hawk is the face of professional skateboarding. He has been since the X Games became popular in the 1990s. More than two decades later, Hawk, 51, still has the capability to tear it up on a half pipe. On Wednesday, he provided some entertainment one more time and took requests while skateboarding on a halfpipe.

“Went to skate today and some A-listers showed up so we went live on Instagram (I even took requests, like this Smith-vert). We were social distancing on the deck, btw,” Hawk wrote in the Instagram post. “Watch it unfold in my stories if you’re bored. I hope this provides some entertainment while we wait things out during these strange times. Please stay safe wherever you may be and wash your hands (which I did before and after this session).”

Hawk was an icon back in the day when it came to the world of skateboarding. He became the first skateboarder to land a 900 in 1999, which is a move in which someone completes 2.5 revolutions while in the air. After landing the 900, Hawk actually retired from professional competition in 1999, but continued to perform at the X-Games every summer until 2003.

Hawk reached legendary status following his X Games success and still has the ability to get fans on the edge of their seat even today. Seeing Hawk perform a few tricks in this video is pretty impressive for someone that is 51 years old. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Hawk was able to bring some excitement to fans around the world even in these times of isolation and uncertainty.

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