Tour de France team under investigation for alleged doping

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French judicial authorities have opened a preliminary investigation over suspected doping taking place during the Tour de France targeting the Arkea-Samsic team. The investigation involves “administering and prescribing banned substances without medical justification or detention of and the method used without medical justification,” according to the Associated Press

On Monday, the French outfit confirmed the investigation that came after reports that two people close to the situation were held for questioning. Arkea-Samsic released a statement saying the manager and staff are not accused of any wrongdoing. That comes after a French newspaper, L’Equipe, reported that armed officers from the OCLAESP carried out a search at their team hotel.

Dominique Laurens, a prosecutor in France, said the raid lead to the “the discovery of numerous health products including medicine in personal belongings… and above all a method that could be qualified as doping.”

Arkea-Samsic manager Emmanuel Hubert said the search “concerned only a very limited number of riders, as well as their close entourage, not employed by the team.”

Hubert added, “We obviously support our riders, but if it turned out that after the ongoing investigation some elements confirm the veracity of doping practices, the team would immediately dissociate itself from such acts and would take without delay the necessary measures to severe possible links with unacceptable methods it has always fought.”

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