Training Camp Day 4 – Quotes of the Day

Training Camp Day 4 – Quotes of the Day | Oklahoma City Thunder

George Hill

On the opportunity in OKC:
It’s a great opportunity to come here. Even though the roster been shaken up a little bit, still have a good group of young men here willing to learn and compete night in night out. So there’s going to be a great opportunity for me to come in and try to be a leader and try to help these young guys.

On improving each day despite COVID precautions:
The only thing that we can do is continue to be grateful for every situation … Just watching your surroundings and staying healthy and things like that. We know it’s a horrible pandemic that we’re going through and that things can be a lot worse than they are. So just being grateful for the opportunity, embracing these moments and having fun doing it.

On what drives him:
The things that really drive me is just impacting the city and community and things like that. We can’t promise wins or losses and things like that but we can promise that we can play hard night in and night out and impact the community and that’s the biggest thing.

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