Trent Williams’ agent: ‘Redskins aren’t negotiating in good faith, should trade or release’ Pro Bowl tackle

The Washington Redskins are making trades — just not the kind of trades that involve their star left tackle, Trent Williams. And that, according to Williams’ agent, has the longtime offensive lineman even more eager to move on from Washington once and for all.

In a statement first released to ESPN on Tuesday, Williams representative Vincent Taylor indicated it’s “in the best interest” of both parties if Washington either trades or releases his client. Taylor went on to confirm previous reports that Washington granted Williams permission to seek a trade, but he added that the team only did so after failing on its own to find a trading partner. Since then, Taylor continued, the Redskins have “shown no interest in negotiating in good faith, and, in fact, have given inconsistent demands” regarding the team’s desired compensation for Williams.

“Although Trent Williams will always love and respect (team owner) Dan Snyder, teammates and the Washington Redskins’ fans,” Taylor wrote, “he wants to be traded or released. It’s time for the organization to act in a manner that is in both Williams’ and the team’s best interest.”

As a cherry on top, Taylor also noted that Williams, who’s been talking up a departure from Washington since 2019, has “maintained his silence and not spoken negatively about the team” throughout the process. The Pro Bowl tackle, of course, has not hidden his feelings about the organization before, once saying the Redskins treated him “like a dog” following an offseason medical issue that ultimately kept him off the field throughout 2019.

NFL Network previously reported that Washington was seeking a second-round draft pick in return for Williams, but the 31-year-old lineman is coming off a missed season and reportedly wants a new contract worth up to $20 million per year. The Cleveland Browns and New York Jets are among a handful of teams that have been linked to Williams this offseason, but according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, “active negotiations with teams” regarding a possible trade have stalled because of the veteran’s salary demands.

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