True Story: How Chlorella Changed One Man’s Life Over 60 Years Ago

You may have heard about the superfood known as chlorella. But do you know how powerful its unique nutrition is?

Let me tell you how chlorella changed one man’s life over 60 years ago…

At age 54, Hideo Nakayama had just about given up hope. His doctors had given him no more than 5 years to live.

His body had been broken down, ravaged by the combination of disease and war. In four years, he had four operations for different health problems. He’d tried every medication recommended by his doctor as well as acupuncture and physiotherapy.

Nothing helped.

Then a friend suggested he try chlorella. “I had nothing to lose,” recalled Mr. Nakayama, “So I followed his advice.”

Within three weeks the swelling in his stomach had disappeared and within a month the sharp pains were gone.

“Day after day I felt better,” Mr. Nakayama continued. At age 68 – fourteen years after he had been given a death sentence by his doctors – Mr. Nakayama reflected, “Now I have nothing more to do with hospitals and medicines. My days are meaningful and happy.”

Miracle cure or simply the power of good nutrition? What is chlorella?

“I am an engineer,” explained Mr. Nakayama. “I believe in scientific explanations for events. But chlorella helped so many things, in my case – things that science couldn’t help – that I became intrigued with why chlorella worked. After several years of research, I concluded it was very natural for chlorella to work.”

Here’s why Mr. Nakayama came to this conclusion…

Why Chlorella Is Unlike Any Other Nutrition On This Planet

Fossil records indicate chlorella was around at least 540 million years ago! It’s ancient. A single-celled green algae, chlorella was probably one of the first organisms here on earth.

Over the millenniums, chlorella has survived climate upheavals, bacteria, viruses, fungus and all kinds of pollution. “Chlorella is ‘a creature of earth, wind and fire’,” explains Dr. Frank Liebke of the Klinghardt Academy for the Healing Arts and Neurobiology. It’s a survivor and its ability to survive underscores its powerful vitality.

Chlorella owes its unparalleled survival to a few unique characteristics. In turn, these characteristics have made it one of the most nutritious foods on earth:

  • Chlorella’s full spectrum of vitamins and minerals nourishes the body completely.
  • Chlorella’s unique chlorella growth factor helps your body repair and rebuild quickly.
  • Chlorella’s supply of chlorophyll and fiber helps your body clean out, releasing you from the grip of accumulated toxins.

From nourishing astronauts to solving world hunger to supporting optimum health, the promise of chlorella has captured the imagination of scientists around the world.

The Japanese – some of the longest-living people on earth – put chlorella in their noodles, puddings and icecream. And they use it in their hospitals…

Millions of people around the world swear by this special food… Could chlorella be the special nutrition you’ve been looking for?

It’s up to you to decide.

Source by Michael E. Rosenbaum

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