TV, Made Simple – And Affordable

As much as I like TV, it has also caused me some serious headaches.

These days cable is a must. While local news is good, there is so much more to be seen on CNN and other major national networks. Then there’s sports. ESPN, FSN, all those big channels provide 24/7 sports action. Cable TV also has the best movies on channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, BET, and the likes. No doubt about it, cable TV has become a staple among households all across the country.

However, there are a few problems I’ve had with cable TV. First, availability. I live in a household that owns two TV’s (right up there with the national average of 2.4), but those two TV’s seem to be continually used up. Thanks to my wife’s interest in the food channel, one TV has become devoted to that whenever she feels the need to watch some more recipes, food trends, or ideas. My other TV met its availability downfall when my family purchased a Nintendo Wii. My children (and I’ll admit, us adults as well) spend a lot of time playing games on the TV. When all is said and done, TV availability get really scarce around here. I thought about buying a new TV, but there’s two problems with that. One, it costs more money, and two, I don’t really have room for it. That’s the first problem.

My second problem with cable TV is the cost. Our DirecTV Choice Package includes 150 channels, and costs me $45/month. I don’t know about the rest of you, but that adds up when you throw that in with your other monthly payments like cell phones, rent, utilities, insurance, etc. I mentioned earlier that cable TV has become a must, but the price has almost turned it into a can’t in my household.

I’d like to think that to every problem there is a solution. Whether or not that is true, thankfully, in this case, I have found a solution! It’s pretty simple, and I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before… TV on the computer!

My household currently maintains three computers and two laptops. I’m not sure what the average computer per U.S. household is, but I’d imagine it is both high and rising. There is already double the amount of computers in my household than TV’s. This makes availability a non-factor around here. Then there is the matter of pricing…

I searched around online and finally landed on a sweet deal. It includes 9,000 TV channels.. 8,850 more than I was getting before, but (this is the best part) is only cost me $40!! That is a flat rate fee, not to be paid monthly, costing even less than what I was already paying per month! I was a little skeptical at first, because this seemed too obvious a deal for me and many others to have passed up if it were legitimate, but a 60-day money back guarantee sealed the deal for me. I tried it out, and boy, was I impressed! Now I can go anywhere I want and watch cable TV on my laptop anytime I want to! The amount of channels available to me are more than I could ever need, and there was no satellite installment needed!

This, my friends of cyberspace, is a bonafide good deal. I suggest you check it out, they provide all the information you could need and even let you watch a sample channel if you want.

Oh, and another little perk… I have a projector, and when I hook it up to my laptop I can project the TV across the wall, creating my own big-screen TV of sorts. If you have a projector, this would be another cool deal to try out!

If you’re interested, go ahead and check out my website, which can be found in my profile and gives you details as to how you can sign up.

If you have any questions or supporting comments about this deal, feel free to add input! Happy watching!!

Source by Preston Devine

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