Twitter reacts to Bill Belichick looking more disheveled than ever at Patriots press conference

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is one of the great football minds of our time. He finds new ways to out-smart his opponent on a weekly basis and routinely turns underrated players into championships. As his life is all consumed by football, it’s no surprise that his fashion game suffers a little. 

While it’s not unusual for Bill to look a little more dressed down than others (he has popularized the “cut-off sweatshirt,” a look he is often seen sporting) his latest look is, in the nicest way possible, astonishing.

For Wednesday’s press conference, “The Hoodie” showed up in a tattered sweatshirt that’s more cut off than usual. He completed the image with hair that looked like he had just woken up and an expression that said much of the same.

Bill, can I suggest a comb?

As he sat there with his unkept look, in a sweatshirt with letters missing, he gave a sadly relatable image. In the middle of a pandemic and with so many working from home, people have retired their regular pants and shirts and go with the sweatshirt, leggings or sweatpants look every day. Putting yourself together in a respectable, professional way seems like almost an impossible chore for these days, as we’ve all slowly grown used to staying within the walls of our own home.

If you’re feeling bad about not looking your best on a morning zoom call, or going to the grocery store looking slightly disheveled, at least you can feel better knowing Belichick looked worse. According to a Belichick hoodie database (yes, that’s a thing), he was last seen in this sweater in Super Bowl LII and it debuted in the 2013 season opener against the Buffalo Bills.

The internet was, of course, cracking jokes at his outfit and wondering why in the world he still owns a sweatshirt that looks like it could fall apart at any moment. Here are some of the best reactions:

Would QB Cam Newton, who is always bold with fashion, approve?

How hard this year has hit all of us.

Too much time prepping for the Las Vegas Raiders, not enough time doing laundry.

Coaches, they’re just like us!

The sweatshirt will forever live on.

I’m so sorry, Jets fans.

Belichick looking like this tells me he’s ready for Sunday’s game.

“Trick or treat, it’s scary Bill.”

We’ve seen the Subway commercial, so we do know Bill can kind of act…

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