Two-time NFL MVP has some advice for Tom Brady on where he should sign in free agency

It’s not often that a quarterback with multiple NFL MVP awards hits the free agent market, but that’s exactly what will be happening in less than two weeks when Tom Brady becomes a free agent for the first time in his career. Over the past 25 years, only three players with multiple MVPs to their name have hit free agency — Brett Favre, Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner — and one of those players (Warner) has some advice for Brady. During a recent interview with USA Today, Warner gave his thoughts on where Brady should look to sign this offseason if he decides to leave New England. 

The biggest piece of advice Warner had to offer? Don’t go to the AFC West. 

“I still don’t look to go to the Raiders or the Chargers and have to compete against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs twice every year just to win my division,” Warner said. “I don’t want to have to go through the other great quarterback in the AFC right now twice a year and then possibly have to be the wild card.”

If Brady wants to stay in the AFC, Warner believes the most logical fit would be in Tennessee with the Titans. 

“Just from that standpoint alone, I probably look at a team like the Titans, and I say to myself, ‘Well, they were right there last year, and they’ve got some pieces we can build off of,'” Warner said. “That’s probably, in my mind, the best situation of those three that I’m hearing about.”

The other advantage of Tennessee is that it would reunite Brady with Mike Vrabel, who’s going into his third season as the Titans coach. During his playing days, Vrabel spent eight seasons as Brady’s teammate and won three Super Bowls. 

Besides the Raiders, Chargers and Titans, there’s also been speculation that the Buccaneers and 49ers are both interested in adding the three-time NFL MVP. However, Warner doesn’t like either of those options, and that’s mainly because he thinks Brady should do his best to stay out of the NFC. 

“You go to the NFC, there’s a lot of guys that you have to go through to win a championship,” said Warner. “If you go to the AFC side — Patrick Mahomes is special, but nobody else has shown a championship pedigree on that side of the table.”

Of course, if Brady does stick around in the AFC, Mahomes wouldn’t be the only obstacle standing between him and a potential seventh Super Bowl title. Brady would also likely have to get past Bill Belichick and the Patriots. 

If Brady does switch teams, he’s going to have to learn a new playbook, which might not be so easy to do at 43 years old, and for Warner, that’s the argument for staying in New England. 

“It’s hard to do that, to think you’re just gonna pick up where you left off in a system you’ve been in for 18 years,” Warner said. “It’s a process everywhere you go. It might look really good on the outside (other teams) … but you know what you know in New England.”

Although Brady is going to have plenty of suitors in free agency, Warner says only one team makes sense for the Patriots quarterback: The Patriots. 

“I still believe New England’s the best place for him to compete for a championship in the next couple years,” Warner said. 

Basically, if Brady is determined to leave in free agency, then Warner believes the Titans would be the best landing spot, but if Brady is looking for the best chance of winning another Super Bowl, then he should stay in New England. 

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