Wade Boggs thinks there’s a chance he had coronavirus — and got it from Chris Sale

Earlier this month, Red Sox ace Chris Sale — who will miss all of the 2020 season following Tommy John surgery — said that in hindsight, he thought the illness that caused him to miss the start of spring training might have been COVID-19. At the time, Sale was said to have had pneumonia and he was not tested for the coronavirus in February. 

Hall of Famer Wade Boggs, who chatted with Sale during spring training and then also came down with an illness that he thought was pneumonia has also been left wondering if he actually contracted the coronavirus. Here’s more via the Tampa Bay Times

“About the beginning of March I had pneumonia and just three days of high fever and cough and all that good stuff,” said Boggs, 61. “I went to the hospital and tested negative for flu, but I had pneumonia. I’m curious to find the antibody test and see if I actually did have (COVID-19). … It was a rough, really rough few days.”

“Various players were around, and I wound up having a lengthy conversation and shaking hands with Chris Sale,” Boggs said. “I was asking him, ‘How was your pneumonia?’ and he says, ‘It was killing me’ kind of thing. He got that in the beginning of February so I’m wondering when they do his antibody test whether or not it comes back that he had it.”

We may never actually know if the two illnesses were related, but Sale and Boggs seem open to antibody testing, which would determine if they were previously exposed to the virus. MLB has teamed up with a group of researchers for a vast study about antibody testing. An estimated 10,000 MLB employees — from players to front office personnel to ballpark workers — will get tested to help determine the virus’ prevalence across the country.

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