Walking in Unity at the MLK Day Parade

The showstopper of the parade however, stood atop the Rumble van like a Thunder-themed cake topper. It was the mascot himself igniting dance offs, throwing out wristbands and catching all of the attention of young parade goers.

Each member of the Thunder sported black t-shirts with ‘Unity’ across the chest. Each letter donned the faces of prominent figures in Black history such as Oprah Winfrey, Jackie Robinson, Maya Angelou and of course, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It was this same design displayed on the parade banner which marked the beginning of the Thunder cohort.

“The Unity shirts are a part of the celebration of this day as well as Black History Month for the Thunder. So it’s something we’ll be wearing into the month of February,” noted Berney. “Just an idea to unify and get behind this day and month to pay honor.”

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