WATCH: College basketball game in Taiwan ends with player missing wide-open layup at the buzzer

The coronavirus outbreak has brought nearly all sports around the world to a screeching halt, but if you look hard enough, there are still some leagues in other countries that are holding games these days. In Taiwan, college basketball tournament games are being played inside Taipei Arena without many people in attendance. Only a small number of media and family members of players are allowed to attend. 

In a women’s semifinal game between Fo Guang University and Shih Hsin University, there was a wild finish that fans will have to see to believe. With Fo Guang leading 76-75 in the final seconds, a Shih Hsin player had an opportunity to win the game on the final shot but missed a wide-open breakaway layup. Take a look:

Fo Guang had just missed a jump shot with around five seconds remaining and Shih Hsin was able to relay the ball down the court in time to attempt the game-winning shot. The game was in its third overtime when Fo Guang finally pulled out the narrow victory.

Teams often lose on buzzer-beaters in basketball and it’s heartbreaking for sure. However, this is on a whole different level. Missing a wide-open layup has to be a tough loss to stomach.

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