WATCH: Dog serves as almost perfect volleyball partner during COVID-19 quarantine

No As many people around the globe are finding ways to keep themselves busy during this period of self-isolation, plenty are picking up new hobbies or mastering new skillsets to pass the time. This desire apparently isn’t only limited to humans in quarantine, as the Norwegian beach volleyball team showed off on Instagram Saturday.

In a video posted on the team’s page, a dog named Kiara jumped into the action as one of the player’s partners in a two-on-two volleyball match. This isn’t just a clip of a dog excitedly running around and chasing a ball on instinct, this canine can really play the game!

That’s certainly a better job than most people playing in their first game would do, though Kiara might have cost her team a point when she got too fancy at the end there. Surely, she can shake those tendencies off in practice.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t Kiara’s first time playing the sport. A previous video shows the dog getting practice reps in with two players so that she can learn when she’s supposed to chase after the ball, and when she’s supposed to wait for her partner to get it.

No word yet on if the International Olympic Committee will be relaxing the rules for species that can participate when the 2020 Summer Games are played in the summer of 2021, with beach volleyball on the program, and Norway looking for its first medal in the men’s and women’s events. 

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