WATCH: Frank Kaminsky’s quick quarantine workout will put yours to shame

Like any professional athlete in his position, Frank Kaminsky knows that this period of self-isolation isn’t just a time to do absolutely nothing. There’s still work to be done in the eyes of the Phoenix Suns forward.

In a video the Wisconsin alum posted to Twitter, he’s briefly seen getting some sun in his yard before going into an intense workout routine spurned on by the Imanbek remix of Roses by Saint John. Kaminsky runs over to his set of weights to do some lifting sets before putting on boxing gloves and throwing some practice punches with a trainer — or buddy who just held the pads for him. He then dunks a basketball, does a ladder drill, jumps into a hot tub while he’s wearing shoes, does a Stone Cold Steve Austin imitation with two beers and jumps into his pool.

It’s not exactly clear which part of this is more exhausting: the fact that the exercises are done consecutively, or the fact that they are all done in the span of less than two minutes — the impressiveness grows even more when you consider the fact that some of this is just athletic improv, according to his caption.

Kaminsky signed a two-year deal with the Suns back in July and was a solid bench player for his first season in Phoenix before the NBA suspended play in March. He averaged 11 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.2 assists on 22.4 minutes a game before suffering a stress fracture on his knee in January.

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