WATCH: Georgia football releases hype video highlighting safety tips during coronavirus outbreak

These are difficult times. The coronavirus outbreak has forced millions of Americans to the confines of their homes, social distancing is the new norm and the stock market is suffering. Normally during times of trial, we can at least lean on sports as a form of escapism, but basically everything has — wisely — been canceled or postponed. In the SEC, for example, all conference events have been suspended or canceled until at least April 15. 

But if you can’t find some mild humor in current events, you’re going to go mad. So good on Georgia for finding a way to spin social distancing and rigorous hand-washing into a dope hype video. Social media teams brought their A game in 2019, and 2020 appears to be no different even with all that’s going on. So check out Georgia’s cinematic video about self-quarantining below: 

Elsewhere in the SEC, LSU coach Ed Orgeron was the spokesperson for a COVID-19 awareness video, asking people in Louisiana to use proper precautions amid the outbreak. But that was a bit more cut-and-dry, whereas Georgia’s video definitely has more of a Hollywood vibe to it. They’re both effective in their own way, but Georgia’s is the kind that makes you want to run through a brick wall — unless that wall is to the outside world, in which case, don’t. Stay inside and watch another show on Netflix or something. 

And, for crying out loud, wash your hands with a commitment level previously unknown to the world. 

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