WATCH: Manchester United’s McTominay scores ridiculous goal after mistake by City’s goalkeeper

Scott McTominay won’t ever forget what he did on Sunday for Manchester United. The Scotland international played a big part in his team’s 2-0 win over Manchester City in the Manchester derby, scoring the second goal in the 96th minute to keep their Champions League qualification hopes alive while also staying on Chelsea’s heels. 

As the match was winding down, City was looking desperately for an equalizer. Ederson, City’s goalkeeper, gained possession inside the box and attempted to throw a ball to Benjamin Mendy who was ready to help with one last attacking chance. Ederson, who also did poorly on the opening goal, put a bit too much on his throw as the ball fell to McTominay about 40 yards out. There, the 23-year-old midfielder took one touch and sent a curving ball into the net before Ederson could get back in position. 

Take a look: 

That is some hit from the confident rising star. He has to aim outside of the goal and let it curve in because a direct hit with the laces probably wouldn’t provide the desired accuracy. He took it decisively and with class.

You can’t put too much blame on Ederson, though, as a final whistle incoming at any second. His misread it, but he’ll bounce back, and as will City despite the team’s third loss to United on the season. 

It’s a night to forget for Manchester City’s top goalkeeper, but for United it may just be the day that turned the Red Devils’ season around. 

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