WATCH: Padres fan makes stunning bare-handed catch while holding child in opposite arm

Getty Images

It’s always an impressive moment when a fan does something athletic from the stands, but it’s even more impressive when they do said athletic move while simultaneously having to have some focus towards something else, such as a baby. That oddly specific example was given because of a particular Padres fan during the ball club’s game on Wednesday.

A woman, holding a child with her left arm, went for a bouncing baseball that made it into the stands and was able to snag the ball with her right hand. The move got a cheer from the surrounding crowd not just because of the catch, but also because the baby was unharmed when she made her move.

What’s particularly impressive is that the baby remained fastened to her arm by their torso, so it’s not like the small child ended up getting harmed as a result of her decision to snag a souvenir. 

This brings up a good time to note that there needs to be some sort of post-catch move when a fan grabs a ball while holding a child, the same way there’s a traditional move after someone catches a ball with their beer. With the beverage, they chug it; with the baby, the person holding the child should at least kiss them on the forehead, or, better yet, do the Lion King hoist up into the air as a sign of the achievement. Because there’s no tradition, we won’t dock points for something that remains very impressive, but someone should change that soon.

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