WATCH: Simone Biles shows off incredible balance by taking off sweatpants in ‘handstand challenge’

For those of you keeping track of things Olympic gold medalist and world champion gymnast Simone Biles can’t do, it’s time to remove another item from that list. On a video Biles posted on Twitter Saturday, she introduced a new hardcore version of those social media workout challenges with the handstand challenge.

The video is of Biles getting into a handstand and, only using her legs, removing a pair of sweatpants without leaving her handstand position. It’s not clear what the harder part of this athletic feat is: holding the handstand, or having the flexibility to move one’s legs in a way to get the sweatpants off.

As many of the replies seem to indicate, it does not look like many folks will be taking her up on this particular challenge. It’s also worth pointing out that this is the kind of stuff Biles appears to be doing in her free time, as she’s shown she’s still putting in the work to stay in shape for the now-postponed Tokyo Olympics.

Given that her last non-competitive flex on social media was her absolutely nailing a perfect axe throw, the growth in between accomplishments is nothing short of exponential. We should all be looking forward to the next video she posts online, where she’ll do push-ups with no hands.

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