WATCH: Steph Curry tells JaVale McGee he could drop 60 points on ‘everyone’ in the NBA

One of the biggest quarantine trends is hopping on Instagram live with celebrities and athletes joining other celebrities and athletes to provide us regular people who don’t have mansions and bowling alleys in our homes with some much needed entertainment during this time. Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry has been jumping on Instagram live with some of his NBA fans and his session with former teammate JaVale McGee is getting a lot of attention.

For those who have the willpower to not have social media, first off, good for you, but also, Instagram live is a real-time video anyone with an account can create, and when one is done between two people it serves essentially as an insider look to their video chat.

Here is a look at the exchange between the two champs:

McGee, who was with Curry on the Warriors for four years, asked, “What team or player on that team that you know is guarding you, do you look at and be like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m getting 60 tonight?'”

Curry paused a moment, before responding with a confident, “Everybody.”

That answer caused McGee to run around the room screaming and holding his head as Curry sat on the other end laughing.

“What is going on,” McGee said, adding, “Steph Curry just took shots at every player in the NBA.”

“Quarantine done changed me,” Curry said, still laughing. 

McGee commented that he was not expecting that answer and while eating what I am confidently guessing is cereal Curry replied, “I gave it just for you, that was just for you.” 

For those wondering, Curry’s career highs in a single game was 54 against the New York Knicks on the road at Madison Square Garden back in February of 2013.

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