What Are the Responsibilities of a Center Referee in the Game of Football?

Football is a game that is played between two teams having eleven players each with other reserve players and officials sitting on the reserve bench. The standard game of football normally last for 90 minutes, with additional time usually given for extra time. An important aspect of the game is the presence of the center referee who is usually appointed by the relevant football authority.

Duties of a center referee?

Ensures that security is provided for match officials

The presence of security personnel is always recommended in all games played across the globe. This provision is usually enforced by the center referee, who may decide to delay the start of the game when security of match official cannot be guaranteed by the football authority.

Inspection of players equipment

It is the duty of the center referee and his colleagues to inspect the player equipment to ensure that they conform to the standard allowed. Football booths that have sharp studs are usually not permitted. Again, the jersey of both teams must be distinct in color to avoid confusion on the field of play. Players are normally not allowed to wear jewelry and hand bangles.

Allow the free flow of play during a game

When a player is injured during the course of a game, the center referee may at his own discretion, allow play to continue by playing advantage to the team involved. The free flow of play is vital to the game, as frequent stoppage may result to the game becoming uninteresting. If the advantage given is not utilized, he may now stop the game momentarily to allow medical attention to be given to the injured player.

Restart the game

A game of football may be stopped due to injury, fouls, encroachment on the field of play and other incident which may occur during regulation time. It is the duty of the match official to restart the game via the required means. The game can be started via- direct free kick, indirect free kick, penalty kick, throw in, corner kick, goal kick or drop ball.

Keeps track of the match

The match official is the ultimate time keeper and recorder of all events on the field of play. This is normally done with the aid of a stop watch and a writing pad. Events such as substitutions, cautions, sending offs and goals scored are usually documented.

It is also his duty to ensure that match officials maintain a minimum distance from the field of play while ditching out instruction to their players. The decision to abandon a match due to one reason or the other usually lies with the match official in collaboration with both teams and football authorities.

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