When can Liverpool clinch Premier League title? Reds inching closer after beating Bournemouth

Liverpool’s undefeated Premier League run may be over, but the title celebrating is getting closer. A week after losing 3-0 at Watford, the Reds are now just three wins away from claiming the crown after beating Bournemouth 2-1 on Saturday.

With the season set to finish in May, all signs point to Liverpool likely clinching the title in early April. Here’s the schedule in the league, the earliest they can win the title and what the most likely scenario is.

Liverpool’s remaining Premier League schedule

  • March 16: at Everton
  • March 21: vs. Crystal Palace
  • April 5: at Manchester City
  • April 12: vs. Aston Villa
  • April 20: at Brighton
  • April 25: vs. Burnley
  • May 2: at Arsenal
  • May 9: vs. Chelsea
  • May 17: at Newcastle

What’s the earliest the team can win the league?

Liverpool could actually win the league at Manchester City on April 5. If the club wins its next two games, it will set up a dramatic matchup at the Etihad against the defending champs for the title. That certainly won’t be easy at all and it seems like City should be able to get a least a draw out of that one if it plays well. What seems most likely is the team clinching on April 12 against Aston Villa or at Brighton on April 20. 

How many points does Liverpool need on its own?

Not factoring in anything that Manchester City does, winning just three of the remaining 10 games will clinch the title. It could be the next three, last three or any combination. There’s a chance they can win less and still win, assuming Manchester City drops points. 

Is Liverpool going to be the earliest crowned champion?

It’s going to be close. The record for earliest Premier League title win belongs to the 2000-01 Manchester United team that win it on April 14, and even with the defeat to Watford, they are on pace to break the record by a couple days on April 12 against Aston Villa.

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