Why Choose an MLM Business?

6 reasons you might want to consider Multi-Level Marketing for your home based business online:

This time in history is offering some very unique and potentially profitable opportunities to become successful entrepreneurs and business owners. Traditional businesses offer little security anymore. No one can depend on having the same job, or even career for 40 years, and then count on a nice retirement and pension.

Best selling author Robert Kiyosaki explains why he recommends network marketing:

“The reason I recommend network marketing is because network marketing is the business of the future. Back in the late 1990’s, it was often difficult to talk to people about network marketing when the economy was so strong. It was hard to talk to people about network marketing when their mutual funds were going up by 20% per year. But those days are over. If you ever wanted to get ahead of the curve, now is the time to open your mind and look at this business of the future. Now is the time to talk to people when they too are looking for new answers and new ways to find true long term financial security. A network marketing business is one of the asset classes. It is a business. If you work hard and build the business, that business will give you the excess cash to acquire the real estate and stocks that will give you true long term financial security…security you can pass on to your loved ones. You can’t do that with your job, no matter how secure it is.”

This is an exceptional time in history that is offering up some tremendous opportunities for people.

Reason #1 : Most MLM companies have low start up costs – anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred, depending on the product or service you are selling. You may be required to use your product monthly, but even so, these costs are nothing compared to what you would pay if you were starting up a traditional business.

Reason #2: Network Marketing frees you from most of the headaches associated with traditional business: Advertising and marketing, employees, taxes, payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, shipping, billing, and receiving…

Reason #3: It is one of the few careers that offers a potential for fast advancement and rapid increase in income, based on how much effort and work you put into your business. It is truly an “equal opportunity” employer. Success is not dependent on how much education or experience you have, but more on your persistence and your willingness to learn.

Reason #4: Diversified income streams. In Traditional jobs, employees are paid for their time. Whether they receive a salary or an hourly wage, employees agree to work and get paid for a specific period of time. Even in a sales job where you’ll get a commission for each sale, usually you’ll only get paid once for that sale.

Network Marketing allows you to get paid through sales of products and services, and by recruiting others into the organization. If you happen to be selling a service or product that people will use repeatedly, then you will get paid each time. And you get the benefit of building a good customer base.

Once you start building your business, you will enjoy both leveraged income and Residual Income. Simply put, this is earning money from the efforts of others, and doing so over and over.

Say you have a large team of distributors under you (your downline), that you have trained and coached, and now they are selling and duplicating the process. You can realistically take a vacation for a month, and return to find some healthy checks in your mailbox.

Reason # 5: New Image- New Face: Once this field was ridiculed as something you did if you were either gullible or couldn’t find a real job. It didn’t help either that this industry has attracted it’s share of schemers and scammers. Add to this, images of pep rallies and home parties, door-knocking, selling to every family member, friend and acquaintance until people run when they saw the poor hapless Network Marketing salesperson coming their way.

So what’s changed? Everything!

o Regulation by agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission, the Direct Selling Association, and the Multi-Level-Marketing International Association just to name a few. These agencies deal with things like legal status, professional and ethical standards, and consumer protection. That’s not to say that there aren’t anymore crooks out there trying to make a fast buck at your expense. Overall though, the industry is earning respect in the traditional business world.

o Traditional companies have recognized that network marketing provides a powerful distribution channel. We’re seeing more and more business adopt some or all aspects of this business model.

o Network marketing companies often offer products that are higher in quality than those you would find on the shelf of your local store. They invest a lot of money in research and development of superior quality products. Sometimes these products represent recognized breakthroughs in science and medicine. Often, these MLM companies come up with a product or service that is innovative and fills a need that isn’t yet out there.

Leading MLM companies are spending a lot of money on research and development, investing in state of the art labs and manufacturing facilities.

o Multi-Level Marketing is being taught at leading universities and colleges across the nation. An increasing number of schools are recognizing the powerful impact MLM companies are having on the economy, so are adding seminars and programs on this subject.

o Pep rallies are a thing of the past- at least with most companies. At one time, you could go to one of these rallies and find flag waving, screaming, excited distributors acting like they were at the NBA playoffs rather than a supposed business event! Top distributors were often treated as celebrities, marched up to a stage to receive awards and sign autographs.

Now, if you attend an event or convention held by an MLM company, you’re more likely to see people in business attire acting like, well, people in any other legitimate business. You’ll likely find educational talks, presentations by researchers and doctors, and useful trainings on the products and how to build your business.

Reason #6: Income and growth potential. When a Network Marketing company experiences growth, thousands of distributors share in the success. When a traditional company experiences similar growth, the people at the top are usually the only ones that really share in the wealth (think about it- this is the true pyramid!).

In most MLM companies, there is no cap on income potential – you are only limited by how hard you work, how persistent and motivated you are. It is one of the rare fields that actually pay you for the amount of effort you put into your business. Millionaires are made every year through Network Marketing, and this trend will surely continue as our economy continues to change.

Source by David Bouchez

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