Why Meditation is Powerful For Mixed Martial Arts MMA Fighters – Our 3 Top Tips

You see some great fighters come to the ring with a calmness that gives them a sort of elusiveness to their character. A great way to tap into that inner calmness and take it into the cage with you is to meditate. Here are some great reasons you should be adding meditation to your pre-fight training camp.

Decreased Heart Rate.

If you were to enter a deep meditation and have your heart rate monitored, you will likely notice that its rate has gone down. The decreased heart rate implies that you aren’t using as much oxygen.

Often fighters step into the cage and have the jitters. Their adrenalin levels rise, leading to an increased heart rate and thus increasing oxygen consumption. This can often play a big role in fatiguing yourself out faster than normal.


During meditation, putting your picture of exactly how you see a fight going can be very beneficial. Also when you see what happens from many different angles, you train the brain to feel like it already has experience with the event.

Already knowing in your head what will happen during a match will lower your anxiety levels, and lower the adrenalin levels preventing you from fatiguing early.


If you walk down the isle and step into the cage with nothing but pure calmness, your opponent has every reason to worry. You look as though this is just another day at work, showing no feeling of worry, having your opponent feeling as though they maybe haven’t trained enough for this fight.

The best example is still “The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko. Watch him come to the cage or ring with utmost calm and humbleness. He shows almost no expression when he’s throwing his most powerful punch.

These are some particular reasons meditation can benefit you in Mixed-Martial Arts. A complete MMA strength and conditioning program will outline some of these aspects of meditation. Utilize these benefits of meditation to win your fight.

Source by Buster Nelson

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