Why Your Sales Funnel Should Be Like Eating A Creamy, Chocolaty Snickers Bar

When I indulge in a yummy chocolate snickers bar it’s usually very strategic. Weird, I know. What I like to do is start from the outer chocolate shell, taking small bites that carefully take off the edges, and then I proceed to do the same with the top and the bottom layers of chocolate.

To my delight, I’m then left with the fluffy nougat inside. I attack that area in much the same way; carefully peeling off the surrounding candy with my teeth until I finally reach the inner essence. At last, I have reached the inner yummiest of the snickers bar! The nutty caramel center! Once there, I gobble it up with less precision as with the first two layers, and I bask in gratification as I enjoy the end of my chocolaty savoir-fair.

One sec… I need to get my Snickers bar out to the freezer…

Okay, I’m back…

So your Sales funnel should provide much the same experience (a bit exaggerated of,course) to your potential clients and customers. What you don’t want to do is send an empty series of “hellos”, “thank yuz”, “now buy this.” Rather, you want to provide a gratifying trip that leaves them feeling not only important, but wanting more.

I know I make that snickers bar feel very important as I devour every morsel and then wish I had more!

When creating your sales funnels, make sure to brand them with your creative genius. Make sure every page is the same, styled with your brand colors and logo; as many elements of your brand cosmology™ as possible, which will make them become super familiar with who you are.

Show them that you care by making each page they encounter a visual pleasure. Speak to them as if you are talking to your BFF. Let them know that you are there to serve.

Make sure your fee offer (the first layer of chocolaty goodness) leaves them in expectation to hear from you again. Cultivate that relationship with them regularly with your morsels of emails, not with more offers, but just some good ol’ tips, tricks and conversations (the fluffy nougat) or invite them to partake of one of your yummy blog posts or videos.

Believe me, once they’ve experienced the pleasure of savoring the first part of your sales funnel, and getting to know your creative “innie” genius, they will be salivating for the next level…

… Your juicy products or services!

Not sure of what a good sales funnel consists of? Here’s the quick and sterile vanilla version:

Your sales funnel begins with your free offers or lead magnet that require an opt in from your interested audience. The cost here isn’t money of course, but rather an email address so you can stay connected. Below that in your funnel are you low cost items that you offer during your cultivation process.

Next your co-star clientele are sent to your mid-range products followed by your high end or elite luxury offers. Your job is to keep sweetening the pot with your awesome offers as you move people through your funnel…

And from there it’s rinse and repeat!

Your funnel is an integral part of your marketing efforts. If this is not working properly it can cause a major loss in profits for your business.

Source by April Lynn Ray

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