Will Hurricane Season Trigger El Nino?

With the record breaking and unusually fierce 2005 Hurricane Season taking a big bite into the Greek Alphabet, one has to wonder; what’s next? Will Hurricane Season trigger El Nino on the West Coast with the typical Malibu Mudslides deluging Pacific Coast highway and multi million dollar homes falling off the mountains again?

Well, a lengthened and heavy Hurricane season which four out of five recognized climatologic prefer says that we will have activity which will spill over the central American nations into the Pacific Regions and head up onto Baja, we have seen two so far heavy tropical storms and four Hurricanes this year. If you get significant activity and it pushes the Hurricanes into the Pacific late in the season keeping the jet stream and trade winds back then you will have a harder time telling if you can get a significant trend to cool waters fast enough to get a LA Nina, yet you still could get on if the Hurricane season lasts late and issues such as Volcanic Eruptions, Fires, Gulf War type calamities taint the skies over the Pacific blocking ultra violate rays and solar activity from warming the water to the moderate rates needed for normalcy. Whatever that is.

Meaning trying to figure out the weather is harder than hell, in layman’s terms, of which I is. Now we have talked about Hurricane season effecting LA Nina, but can El Nino effect Hurricane season? Yes obviously it is all connected and last time we checked pollution and wind and rain and Hurricanes did not have to go through a check point at any man made border or lines drawn in the sand fought over with life an limb by a surface dwelling species killing its own kind.

Meaning of course the weather could care less what you call the country or ocean it flows over or rains upon. It is impartial in every sense of the word or so say the modern day God believer members of our race in this millennium. Still with all the data and trends and all the information collected by NASA and the NOAA, everyone claims that they do not know. No forward looking statements as the Chicago Mercantile manipulates trading based on even this friendly conversation on our website. Anything to move the market as the market makers become ingrained in predictions like the late Harry Fishbeck of LA TV or the Hippy Dippy Weatherman of the 60’s and 70’s dude?

http://www.srh.noaa.gov/mlb/enso/mlbnino.html .

Well the weather is always a tough one to predict long term and this like any other year is simply to soon to tell, although some are calling for a mild winter and this also could mean El Nino out West, in any case it is something to think about; the weather that is?

Source by Lance Winslow

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