William Hill bettors cashing in on obscure parlays amid coronavirus outbreak

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, sports have been hit in a major way with the majority of North American sporting events and leagues being canceled or postponed for the foreseeable future. In doing so, the gambling industry has been affected as well with there not being much to place wagers on with many sports taking a hiatus.

However, a Nevada bettor recently turned a $50 wager into $9,676 after hitting on a 10-team parlay on Ukrainian table tennis on Saturday. The bettor placed the wager on William Hill’s mobile sports betting app.

All of the bettor’s selection were favorite that all came out on top. His picks were as follows: Skachenko (-135), Bochkovsky (-135), Marchuk (-160), Mosiuk (-135), Ivashkin (-145), Ivchenko (-135), Kurbrak (-135), Telnoi (-160), Hrytsyienko (-145) and Michchenko (-165).

In addition, a New Jersey bettor placed a $5 wager that turned into a $2,912.96 payout when their nine-leg parlay on Belarus and Nicaragua soccer hit. The wager was placed on the William Hill New Jersey app.

There certainly hasn’t been quite as much to bet on, but that obviously hasn’t caused the sports betting industry to completely close up shop. These may not be the ideal sports that people are wagering money on, but clearly fans are still hitting on their bets.

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