XFL 2020 stats: BattleHawks’ Jordan Ta’amu leads XFL in total yards, and more key numbers to know for Week 5

We’re now four weeks into the revived XFL’s inaugural season, and the further we get into the 10-week 2020 schedule, the more we’re forced to question whether some of our early-year contenders are actually for real.

As we approach Week 5, here are five key numbers to know — five stats that help paint the picture of the season as it stands (and be sure to check out all the individual stats leaders through Week 4):


The average number of weekly INTs by Landry Jones

With seven in less than three full starts, the Dallas Renegades quarterback has been a turnover machine, basically gift-wrapping Sunday’s Texas showdown for Houston with four turnovers in just under four quarters of action. Jones, of course, is now hurt after getting his knee crunched in a Week 3 loss, but his absence just underscores a bigger issue: No matter who’s under center for Dallas, the Renegades are in trouble. They’ve got an admirable defense, but their most important position is seriously lacking.


The average number of weekly TD passes by P.J. Walker

What’s a weekly XFL stats breakdown without lavish praise for the Houston Roughnecks star? Walker leads the league in scoring passes by a mile despite coming into the season as a relative no-name, and he doesn’t look to be slowing down. Josh Johnson has quietly been really solid for the Los Angeles Wildcats, with seven TDs and just one pick in three starts, but no one’s lighting up the stat sheets and scoreboards like No. 11. All that to say, if you’re still looking for a reason to call Houston the championship favorite, just try watching this guy play QB.


The number of points scored by the DC Defenders since Week 2

In the most stunning development of this season, Pep Hamilton’s once-heralded favorite has gone from surefire title contender to laughingstock of the XFL. In fact, it might be even more depressing than laughingstock. The Defenders were genuinely fun to watch during their 2-0 start, but they’ve been a train wreck in just about every area since. We can blame part of that on their tough two-game road trip, but nine points in two weeks, including a big, fat goose egg in Tampa? Not OK. DC needs a big rebound at home in Week 5.


The number of points scored by the Tampa Bay Vipers since Week 2

If this sounds even crazier in contrast to DC, well, soak it in. Because the Vipers are now officially underrated! Marc Trestman oversaw an offense that scored a measly 12 points in the team’s dismal 0-2 start, but since he turned play-calling duties over to offensive coordinator Jaime Elizondo, an apparent fan of QB Taylor Cornelius and a strictly run-first approach, the boys in green have provided one of the XFL’s steadiest attacks. Don’t look now, but the preseason darlings might finally be real-life darlings.


Total yards gained by Jordan Ta’amu

Walker is the people’s champ — the lock for 2020 MVP. Ta’amu, on the other hand, is the engine that makes the St. Louis BattleHawks run. Jonathan Hayes leans on the run like no one, pounding Matt Jones and Christine Michael up the gut on repeat, but Ta’amu does just as much damage with his own legs, enabling Hayes to rest easy on the sidelines. Just like Walker is the biggest reason Houston has a legitimate path to the postseason, Ta’amu continues to be reason No. 1 why the BattleHawks seem to be in it for the long haul.

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