XFL player throws penalty flag back at official, earns unsportsmanlike conduct penalty

While the quality of football in the XFL might not be quite at the level of the NFL’s, the competitive spirit among the players is nearly there. This was on display during Saturday’s game between the New York Guardians and the Los Angeles Wildcats when player was so mad at a call, he less-than-graciously returned a penalty flag back at an official.

New York safety Dravon Askew-Henry was flagged for defensive holding early in the third quarter, and it was clear right away he disagreed with the call. Though he showed his displeasure the way most do it — jumping, hands on the head in disbelief, etc. — it wasn’t until the yellow flag was tossed his way that something snapped. The flag landed right into the chest of the Guardians player and, almost instinctively, fired it right back at the ref.

One of the more entertaining bits of that video is how Askew-Henry immediately makes his way over to the sideline, as if he knows he’ll be getting benched for what he just did.

It’s nice that now that despite the fact he hasn’t played a snap of professional football since 2013, the influence of former Ravens and Jets linebacker Bart Scott can still be felt in the sport to this very day. (See video below for context).

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