Wednesday, July 6, 2022

WATCH: Insane touchdown scored in American 7s semi-professional football league


Some of the big name college football programs took the field on Saturday for spring games in addition to the USFL on the gridiron this weekend, but there was more football excitement on Sunday with the the American 7s Football League in action. The semi-professional league shows 7-on-7 football without helmets or hard shell pads.

The Trenton BIC were visiting the Baltimore Gators for an afternoon game which wound up producing an absolutely must-see play.

BIC quarterback Sterry Codrington threw a pass to the left side of the field and this was caught by wide receiver Jason Cisson, also known as “Mighty Mouse,” with four seconds remaining in the second quarter. Cisson ran across to the right side and was doing well until an opponent pulled his shirt and had him flying. He lost the ball around the 30-yard line but Baltimores’ Joshua Butcher was able to grab it before it hit the ground. 

The Gators, who at that point were down 14-7, tried to take advantage of this opportunity. However, the Trenton defense was rock solid which forced Butcher to lateral the to teammate Kyle McEarchern. He didn’t get to hold it very long as he was tackled by a Trenton player and Cisson was once again in possession of the ball. After this, he was able to freely run toward the end zone and score the last touchdown of the half. 

Take a look at the wild play:

Trenton went on to finish this game with a 39-13 victory and remain perfect this season with a 4-0 record, which is currently best in the entire league.

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