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Sports betting in Texas: When it will be legalized, how to bet online, where to find picks, top-notch promos

Texas sports fans anxiously await the day their great state will allow them to bet on sports in Texas. Although many states throughout the South have not legalized sports betting and are not likely to pass it in the near future, several have, including Tennessee, Louisiana, and Virginia. The success of sports gambling in these states through the internet and mobile phones has created new momentum for the industry. The most recent push for sports betting in Texas stalled in 2021, but now analysts are projecting a further push for Texas sports betting in 2023. The candidates for governor have also weighed into this issue, with one leaning towards approving Texas mobile sports betting.

If Texas online sports betting gets legalized, Texas sportsbook sign-up offers and Texas sportsbook promotion codes are bound to be very popular with new bettors in Texas. Before Texas online sportsbooks get the go-ahead, new bettors should be familiar with common online sportsbook terminology. Here is a guide to sports betting terms from our friends at SportsLine that will help you get ready in case Texas online sportsbooks become a reality.

How to bet on sports in Texas when legalized

There are several ways you can make sports wagers both online and in retail sportsbooks and plenty of bet types you’ll want to familiarize yourself with.

Bankroll: A bankroll is a designated pot of funds that a bettor establishes for themselves that they are willing to gamble. Knowing where your limit is and sticking to it can help bettors keep their footing in sports gambling even if there are losses. Determining and sticking to this specified limit is a critical way to gamble responsibly for the long term and never lose more money they can’t afford.

Unit: Based on the designated bankroll outlined above, a unit is the specific amount of money a bettor uses to wager on any individual bet. To calculate a unit, most experts say to use one to three percent of your bankroll. Then, you can use the unit system to guide when you gamble and evaluate your performance. Most professional gamblers use a unit indicator like +10.5 to show how profitable they have been over time. The unit system is a way to gamble responsibly because you will never lose too much on any one bet.

Edge: The edge in sports gambling refers to when a sports gambler believes they have a strong bet because of a trend, stat, or indication that has not been incorporated into the set line. Because of this indicator, a gambler believes the wager should win because the bookmaker missed something. You will hear this mostly from professional bettors who study the lines and try to pick up edges to be profitable in the long term. But be careful; just because the bettor believes they have an advantage does not mean the bet will win.

Where to find the best Texas sports betting advice

If you’re looking for the best values on the board in Texas or elsewhere, be sure to check out SportsLine, which specializes in Vegas picks, DFS advice and season-long fantasy sports projections.

An industry leader, provides advanced computer modeling, expert picks, news and analysis of all the biggest events in sports. It can help you identify in which games you’ll have the biggest statistical advantage. Plus, you’ll get access to a team of over 40 experts.

SportsLine provides betting advice across the four major professional sports, college sports, golf, tennis, soccer, combat sports, horse racing, auto racing and more. It’s a proven resource to sports bettors around the world. You can sign up here to enjoy all of the sports betting and fantasy sports advice that SportsLine has to offer. Then, use your knowledge to crush Texas online sports betting when it’s a reality.

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