Monday, March 20, 2023

LOOK: DK Metcalf carted off the field to take bathroom break during Seahawks win over Lions

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Seattle Seahawks star wide receiver DK Metcalf caused a momentary scare on Sunday, leaving the field on a cart during the fourth quarter of his team’s 48-45 victory over the Detroit Lions. But as it turned out, Metcalf had to take the cart off the field for quite an innocuous reason — he really needed to go to the bathroom.

Speaking to reporters after Sunday’s Week 4 victory, Metcalf shared that he began to have a “tummy ache” mid-game, and opted to take the cart to the bathrooms on the far end of the field as opposed to walking.

It might have been a good decision — Metcalf said later on Twitter that he likely would not have made it without the assist.

Despite the sight of Metcalf being carted off the field — which initially spurred fears that Metcalf had suffered some sort of injury — the potty break amounted to little more than a blip on the radar of what was an excellent day. Metcalf finished the game with eight catches for 149 yards as the Seahawks snapped a two-game losing streak to improve to 2-2 on the season.

While athletes having to do their business during games is usually left unsaid, Metcalf joins a select group of players who have admitted to having to use the bathroom midway through a game. One of the most famous examples being Paul Pierce, who admitted in 2019 that he left a game midway through the 2008 NBA Finals in order to relieve himself.

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