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NFL 2021 playoff picture, standings: Eagles keep pace with Vikings for final playoff spot; Rams tied for first

Week 15 has finally come to a conclusion in the NFL with the playoff races crazier than ever. The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Washington Football Team to hold serve with the Minnesota Vikings in the race for the No. 7 seed in the NFC. Minnesota, Philadelphia, and New Orleans each have a 7-7 record and are tied for the final playoff spot in the conference. 

The Los Angeles Rams are now tied for first place in the NFC West with the Arizona Cardinals after their big victory over the Seattle Seahawks Tuesday night. Los Angeles is on the verge of clinching a playoff berth, which only the Green Bay Packers can stake a claim to throughout the entire NFL

There are now 13 teams that are .500 or better in a wild AFC playoff race, as the No. 2 to No. 13 seeds are separated by two games in the standings. A dramatic finish in the AFC is on the horizon as Christmas approaches. 

This playoff race is getting more unpredictable by the week. Below, you can find a division-by-division breakdown of the current standings and what each contender is facing on their schedule the rest of the way. 

AFC East

New England Patriots

What to know: The Patriots’ loss to the Colts on Saturday night drops them out of the top spot in the AFC with Kansas City winning on Thursday. New England currently sits at No. 2 in the conference, holding the head-to-head tiebreaker over Tennessee. 

Remaining schedule: vs. Bills, vs. Jaguars, at Dolphins 

Buffalo Bills

What to know: A huge win over the Panthers keeps the Bills holding on to the final playoff spot in the AFC. Why are the Bills the No. 7 seed, even with the same record as the Colts, Chargers and Ravens? The Colts and Chargers have a better win percentage in conference games than the Bills, as Buffalo has a better win percentage in common games than the Ravens. 

Remaining schedule: at Patriots, vs. Falcons, vs. Jets 

Miami Dolphins

What to know: Here come the Dolphins, becoming the first team since 1974 to start 1-7 and win six straight to go to 7-7. Miami is 11th in the AFC, holding a conference record tiebreaker over Denver. The Dolphins are one game out of the final playoff spot in the conference. 

Remaining schedule: at Saints, at Titans, vs. Patriots

New York Jets

What to know: The Jets’ win over the Texans earlier in the year puts them 14th in the conference, even though both New York and Houston have the same record. New York is slated for the No. 4 overall pick in the NFL Draft

Remaining schedule: vs. Jaguars, vs. Buccaneers, at Bills

AFC North






















Cincinnati Bengals

What to know: The Bengals are back to first place in the AFC North with their win over the Broncos and the Ravens’ loss — holding the head-to-head tiebreaker over Baltimore. Cincinnati is No. 4 in the AFC and hosts Baltimore next week. 

Remaining schedule: vs. Ravens, vs. Chiefs, at Browns 

Baltimore Ravens

What to know: The Ravens’ loss to the Packers knocks them out of the AFC North lead — and the playoffs altogether. Baltimore is tied with Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Buffalo for the final playoff spot in the AFC — but are No. 8 in the conference. The Ravens lose the tiebreaker over the Colts and Chargers based on win percentage in conference games and lose the tiebreaker to the Bills based on Buffalo having a better record in common games. 

Remaining schedule: at Bengals, vs. Rams, vs. Steelers 

Cleveland Browns 

What to know: The undermanned Browns fell to last place in the AFC North with their loss to the Raiders on Monday night. They are now 12th in the conference and on life support.

Remaining schedule: at Packers, at Steelers, vs. Bengals 

Pittsburgh Steelers

What to know: The Steelers are a half-game out of the final playoff spot, and are ninth in the conference. Sunday’s win over the Titans keeps the Steelers alive in the playoff hunt — even as Pittsburgh faces three playoff contenders to close the year. 

Remaining schedule: at Chiefs, vs. Browns, at Ravens 

AFC South

Tennessee Titans 

What to know: The Titans’ loss to the Steelers, brings their AFC North lead over the Colts down to one. Tennessee still swept Indianapolis, so the Titans own that tiebreaker. The Titans are No. 3 in the AFC, losing the head-to-head tiebreaker with the Patriots. 

Remaining schedule: vs. 49ers, vs. Dolphins, at Texans 

Indianapolis Colts

What to know: The Colts’ win over the Patriots has them as the No. 5 seed in the AFC. Indianapolis has the tiebreaker over Los Angeles, Buffalo, and Baltimore — having the best win percentage in conference games. 

Remaining schedule: at Cardinals, vs. Raiders, at Jaguars

Houston Texans

What to know: The Texans remain 15th in the conference after beating the Jaguars for the second time this season. Sweeping Jacksonville essentially eliminates Houston’s chances of getting the No. 1 pick in the draft (Texans are currently No. 3). 

Remaining schedule: vs. Chargers, at 49ers, vs. Titans

Jacksonville Jaguars

What to know: With the loss to the Texans and the Lions upsetting the Cardinals, the Jaguars are in line for the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. Jacksonville has the worst record in football at 2-12. 

Remaining schedule: at Jets, at Patriots, vs. Colts

AFC West





















Kansas City Chiefs

What to know: The Chiefs remain in first place in the AFC West with their overtime win over the Chargers — and now own the No. 1 seed in the conference. Kansas City is a game up on New England and Tennessee for the top spot in the conference.  

Remaining schedule: vs. Steelers, at Bengals, at Broncos

Los Angeles Chargers

What to know: The Chargers are two games out of first place in the AFC West after their overtime loss to the Chiefs. Los Angeles is the No. 6 seed in the AFC, losing the conference record tiebreaker to Indianapolis, but has a better conference record than Buffalo and Baltimore — hence the No. 6 seed. 

Remaining schedule: at Texans, vs. Broncos, at Raiders 

Denver Broncos

What to know: A loss to Cincinnati has put a huge hit on Denver’s playoff chances. The Broncos are 13th in the conference standings despite being a game out.

Remaining schedule: at Raiders, at Chargers, vs. Chiefs 

Las Vegas Raiders

What to know: The Raiders kept their faint postseason hopes alive by beating the Browns. Las Vegas is 10th in the AFC standings. 

Remaining schedule: vs. Broncos, at Colts, vs. Chargers

NFC East





















Dallas Cowboys

What to know: The Cowboys are in prime position to lock up the NFC East with their win over the Giants — and jumped up to No. 2 in the NFC with their win and the Buccaneers and Cardinals losing. Dallas has the conference record tiebreaker over Tampa Bay and Arizona. Dallas will clinch the NFC East with a win next week. 

Remaining schedule: vs. Washington, vs. Cardinals, at Eagles 

Philadelphia Eagles

What to know: The Eagles are the No. 8 seed in the NFC after beating Washington, losing a common record tiebreaker to the Vikings. They hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Saints. 

Remaining schedule: vs. Giants, at Washington, vs. Cowboys

Washington Football Team 

What to know: A loss to the Eagles Tuesday night takes Washington from the No. 7 seed to the No. 10 seed, behind the Vikings, Eagles, and Saints. Washington holds the tiebreaker over the Falcons based on a head-to-head victory. 

Remaining schedule: at Cowboys, vs. Eagles, at Giants

New York Giants 

What to know: The Giants clinch their fifth consecutive 10-loss season after falling to the Cowboys. New York is 15th in the conference and holds the No. 5 overall pick in the draft. 

Remaining schedule: at Eagles, at Bears, vs. Washington

NFC North






















x-clinched division title

Green Bay Packers

What to know: The Packers are NFC North division champions and are the No. 1 seed in the conference after Week 15. Green Bay is the first team in the NFL to clinch a playoff spot. 

Remaining schedule: vs. Browns, vs. Vikings, at Lions

Minnesota Vikings

What to know: The Vikings moved into the final playoff spot in the NFC thanks to their victory over the Bears on Monday night. They hold a common record tiebreaker over the Eagles and a conference record tiebreaker over the Saints for that No. 7 spot. 

Remaining schedule: vs. Rams, at Packers, vs. Bears

Chicago Bears

What to know: The Bears failed in their attempt to play spoiler against their NFC North rival. Chicago is dropped to 15th in the NFC standings, but traded its first-round pick to the New York Giants in the offseason (Giants have the No. 6 pick). 

Remaining schedule: at Seahawks, vs. Giants, at Vikings 

Detroit Lions

What to know: The Lions do not have the worst record in football anymore after upsetting the Cardinals, losing the rights to the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. Detroit is No. 2 as Jacksonville possesses the No. 1 overall pick after Week 15. 

Remaining schedule: at Falcons, at Seahawks, vs. Packers

NFC South





















Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What to know: The Buccaneers failed to clinch the NFC South after falling to the Saints on Sunday night. Tampa Bay falls into a tie with Dallas and Arizona for the second-best record in the NFC, but Dallas holds the tiebreaker based on having a better win percentage in conference games. Tampa Bay is the No. 3 seed over Arizona based on strength of victory. 

Remaining schedule: vs. Saints, at Panthers, at Jets, vs. Panthers

Atlanta Falcons

What to know: The Falcons are one game out of the final playoff spot after their loss to the 49ers. The Falcons are currently the 11th seed in the NFC standings, losing a head-to-head tiebreaker to Washington for 10th. 

Remaining schedule: vs. Lions, at Bills, vs. Saints

New Orleans Saints

What to know: The Saints defeated the Buccaneers to stay alive in the race for the No. 7 seed in the NFC playoffs. New Orleans is currently the No. 9 seed in the NFC playoffs, losing the conference record tiebreaker to the Vikings and head-to-head tiebreaker to the Eagles. 

Remaining schedule: vs. Dolphins, vs. Panthers, at Falcons

Carolina Panthers

What to know: The Panthers are 12th in the NFC after their loss to the Bills and are two games out of the final playoff spot in the conference. Carolina’s playoff chances are all but extinct. 

Remaining schedule: vs. Buccaneers, at Saints, at Buccaneers

NFC West




















Arizona Cardinals

What to know: The Cardinals fall to No. 4 in the NFC after their shocking loss to the Lions, putting a huge dent in their quest for home-field advantage in the NFC playoffs (the Packers are the top seed and the Cardinals are a game behind them with Green Bay holding the head-to-head tiebreaker). The road doesn’t get any easier with the Colts and Cowboys next on the schedule. 

Remaining schedule: vs. Colts, at Cowboys, vs. Seahawks

Los Angeles Rams

What to know: The Rams have tied the Cardinals for the NFC West lead with a win over the Seahawks on Tuesday night. The Cardinals hold the division record tiebreaker, so they remain in first place. Los Angeles is currently the No. 5 seed in the NFC standings. 

Remaining schedule: at Vikings, at Ravens, vs. 49ers

San Francisco 49ers

What to know: The 49ers remain the No. 6 seed in the NFC, but are in excellent shape to grab one of the playoff spots in the conference. San Francisco is just two games behind Arizona for first place in the NFC West and is one game up on the final playoff spot in the conference after Week 15. They’re in the driver’s seat for a playoff spot. 

Remaining schedule: at Titans, vs. Texans, at Rams

Seattle Seahawks

What to know: The Seahawks’ playoff chances are all but extinct after their loss to the Rams. Seattle is 13th in the NFC and two games out of the final playoff spot with two games to play. 

Remaining schedule: vs. Bears, vs. Lions, at Cardinals 

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